Datagridview Row Set Values

In its handler check if a single row has been selected then get the values from that row and place them in the text boxes. I have the current situation, i have get done with the datagridview cellvalidation, but, i need that after the validation get. S done, to set different. I have a data bound datagridview control on a winform. Some of the columns are set to read. Only, as the data never changes. The datagridview control is set to allow the user to create new rows.
Specify default values for new rows in the windows forms datagridview control. 2 minutes to read contributors. You can make data entry more convenient when the application fills in default values for newly added rows. Obtaining and setting cell values in microsoft datagridview. Of the first row grid. The values parameter represents a variable number of arguments used to populate cell values in the row. These values can be passed to this method as multiple, individual arguments or as members of a single array.