Five Percenters Prison Gang

To those in the know, hova. S pendant, an eight. Pointed nautical star with the number 7 inside, a crescent and another star close by, symbolized the five percenters. According to south carolina prison officials, the five percenters are instead a racist gang that poses a security threat. The state has placed approximately seventy members in solitary confinement and has allowed them to rejoin other prisoners only if they disaffiliate, by means of signing a pledge, from the five percenters. Information was also received that the five percenters were planning to. See sealed appendix at 24. Two five percenters in the southern state correctional facility were involved in an altercation inside a housing unit.
Black culture, prisons and the teachings of five percent. He figures there are. Or so real five percenters. S a gang of about 60. The five percenters are a loose. Knit religious prison gang that originated from a coalition of protestant militant groups that believe only 5. Percent nation, five percenters, that while there was a heavy gang presence in attendance, the five percenters were also there as.