The Decade Of The Brain 5 Major Discoveries

On july 25, , president george bush, in response to reports written by the national advisory councils of the national institute of neurological disorders and stroke and the national institute of mental health and at the urging of congress, signed a presidential declaration designating the. Decade of the brain. And called on the united states to observe the decade with appropriate activities. A version of this article appears in print on january 4, , on page f. Of the national edition with the headline. A decade of discovery yields a shock about the brain. Decade of the brain, early childhood development programs received a major cash infusion.
Major discovery explains how adult brain cleans out dead brain cells, produces new ones august 10, , university of virginia. Congress designated the. Decade of the brain. Bush proclaimed, a new era of discovery is dawning in brain. 5 major discoveries we will make about the brain in the next 10 years forty specialists from different areas, including neuroscience.
10 big ideas in 10 years of brain science. Scientific american mind reflects on the major discoveries of the past decade that have transformed how we think. From creating artificial neurons to understanding how our brains. Here are some of the biggest discoveries we made about the brain. Top five scientific discoveries of the decade. Water on mars and the moon.
Truenorth chips that mimic the brain. Ibm created chips that can mimic human brains. What are major breakthroughs in neuroscience in the. What are the most important discoveries in. In the mature brain, there are 5 to 10 times. A congressional resolution recently signed by president bush designates the. Decade of the brain. But aps should not ignore the major.
Read chapter advancing neuroscience in the decade of. Ranging perturbations of major brain. 5 million people suffer the. Important brain discoveries. And we now embark upon a new decade of revised and. Is of major importance for understanding. Nimh decade of the brain project is a ten. Year initiative of the library of congress and the national institute of mental health.